A Little about Me

Growing up as a young teenager I have always being fascinated with the idea of computing and programming,
it is either the obsession with Tech movies(coding, hacking) and NASA themed films or me translating machine codes in my Junior secondary school computer science textbook. I have three major passions in life that I have pursued and still pursuing, this passions are Software Development/Engineering, Pageantry/beauty Queen and UI Design/Illustration. I was Miss tourism state title holder for my state Oyo state in Nigeria in 2020; I have worked as a UI/UX DESIGNER and a Software Developer with a portfolio of past jobs on my featured LinkedIn, Behance and Github profiles. I am a goal getter and always thrive for what I want even though I fail many times, I never relent effort. I am a Certified DESIGNER, SOFTWARE DEVELOPER, DIGITAL MARKETER, PUBLIC SPEAKER and WRITER. I am a Chief Technology officer and team lead at Debbiez Tech. I design and build brands and product for small business enterprises and scale ups, i also promote this businesses to their target audience. Proudly a Christian, enthusiastic about my faith but liberal and tolerant to other beliefs. A Tech and fashion enthusiast, I love creating my own fashion style from my personality. I believe fashion is about style and less of brand. Passionate about giving and giving back to the society, I have seen and experienced both side of the spectrum of the standard of living so i am passionate to give back to the community and less opportune, places where some young people do not have the opportunity to pursue their passion. My idea of Romance is creating a website to cover a love story from pre-wedding to wedding events, not geeky, Lol.