Mobile App Design And Development

My mobile app designs are done with Figma and sketch. I apply the UI design principles in my design because they make the job easier. I develop the design prototypes into real world apps with react.js framework and flutter. The testing of each design is done after each design is made and meeting with stakeholders. The screenshots above are samples of mobile app designs created.

Web Design And Development

I love using UI kits and website templates.
This UI design templates are a source of inspiration. Other times i design and develop the web from scratch. The tools i use in the design and development of my website are Figma, CSS, Javascript, HTML,React.js, angular, SASS and bootstrap. The image above is a screenshot of one of the websites i created..

Logo/Product Design

I use figma and sometimes sketch to design my logos. I design monogram logos, lettermark logos, pictorial marks logo, abstract logos, combination logos, 2d logos, 3d logos, monogram logos, negative space logos e.t.c. I design this logos according to your brand and brand message.

Business Card Design

Business cards and complementary cards are essential for every business. Business cards are self-promotion tools they make person to person advertisement effortless. I design the cards according to the brand colour and logo. The tools i use in design are figma and photoshop. I also used free picture gallery for icons and sometimes i design the icons myself. The picture above is a sample of a business card i created.

Digital Marketing, Copy Writing And Analytical Writing

I write analytical writing/essay on minuites,memos,reports,news,movies and Content creation articles for digital marketing. I also do copywriting and technical writing for products and companies. I use microsoft word, notepad,search engines, encyclopedia, person to person interviews,general view from media, head knowledge and research. Above slides are screenshots of some short analytical articles and copywrite articles.