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Friendship is mostly based on constant contact, impact, shared experiences, similarities and how attractive, beneficial and positive both parties see the friendship as. You can’t expect people to always check up and be there for you when you are not there for them likewise. Human beings who are loners, introverts, quiet and socially awkward may differ. This category of people only care about people not liking them without a tangible reason or not being genuine with them and never people not wanting to be their friend. I am not a people’s person but I care about how people feel in my presence and when they come around, I can only care to pray or check up on people when they are socially withdrawn, their birthdays or when I have the intuition and the spirit leadings and revelation to pray for them. You can expect similar gestures, loyalty, companionship and help in times of need from people and not receive them because of the idea of being closer to a person in our mind but not the same in reality. Nobody should ever bug for friendship or relationship, go where you feel accepted. I know man is not an island, but more than ever now with recent happenings among us, friends, partners, lovers, associates and acquaintances should not be a priority and should come natural.
If you offer your loyalty, companionship, prayers, checkups, kindness and all round support to a Friend and you get the opposite in return, you should NOTE the following:
1. They were never your friends, friendship have always being one sided and do not have the same priority; they were leeches and opportunist in disguise that just needed situations to reveal their real identity. Hungry dogs latch unto anything and can do anything.
2. They hate themselves or have personality disorders that don’t make them show acts of kindness, love and support; they are just not decent humans who can show empathy or reciprocate kind gestures. A person who hate themselves can’t love a friend.
3. They secretly despise, detest and hate you but have being pretending to rock with you for their own selfish benefits till a better offer comes up, they are in better position and they are tired of you. Frenemies are bombs waiting to explode. Frenemy- A friend who pretends to be a friend but is an enemy in disguise.